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Digital School

Being online is becoming more integral for doing the basic things for everyday life. The Digital School will help you to embrace the digital world healthily, as well as providing practical tips and ideas for productivity, business, and self-organisation.

Looking forward to helping you grow!

Digital Essentials Workshop

Whether for business or personal use, getting to grips with ‘digital functioning’ is becoming a necessity. For some, it is understandable that the idea using digital tools can be overwhelming. And even, where does one start?
This workshop will help you become more comfortable with digital tools.

Topics include:

  • Taking charge of your email inbox
  • How to look after your mobile or laptop device
  • Extra storage options for your files
  • Increase your internet vigilance
  • Tips for safeguarding against harmful online software

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Being Productive On The Go

Our mobile devices can be powerful tools to help us order our lives, and become better organised.

This tutorial is about showing you some ideas about how to get the best from your mobile device.

The entire session will be delivered from a mobile device so that you can see everything in real time!

Topics include:

  • Effective mobile management
  • Mobile app organisation
  • Connecting apps on multiple devices
  • Productive mobile usage

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Developing Digital Focus

When it comes to our personal pursuits and goals, keeping focused is becoming more of a challenge. This is because our attention can be more easily divided, and it can be tricky to keep our minds on tasks that we need to do.

Are you still trying to write that book? Are you still working on getting yourself better organised. There are digital tools that can help you on your way to being more productive, and help you to tick off those goals.

Topics include:

  • Making the most of your ‘limited’ time
  • Tips for staying in control
  • Expressing more effectively
  • Accessing your important files quickly
  • Setting appropriate goals

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Digital Marketing 2021

We have seen many changes to the marketing space, especially after the last year of global restrictions due to the pandemic. Nowadays, understanding about marketing is not just for business. Even if we are trying to promote a new book that we have just written, our reach is going to include being visible online.

You don’t have to be an expert at marketing, but it’s handy to be aware of fundamental concepts so you can better understand what you can do or what you need to do, and what costs can be involved.

Topics include:

  • Learning how people respond to online content
  • Basics about personal data
  • What marketing is and how it works
  • Making shared content safe to access

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A few snippets from past WOTR Digital School online sessions

More workshops and tutorials to be added soon. Be sure to keep an eye on social media for any updates.

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