We’re On The Rise!

being different

Women On The Rise is quite simple. To embrace our God-given identity, and to be unapologetic about the differences that we bring to the table.
We are colourful. We are loving. We are necessary. Rise up in that.


The Digital School is now open, with workshops and tutorials for women who want to learn how to function better online.

WOTR For Business

Ladies, there are many of us that have
God-given ideas for business and enterprise.
But, for some of us, we hear the
words ‘digital’ or ‘online’ and we shut down
faster than our laptops!
So, I’m bringing a solution your way to help you.

the teQ

The TEQ Talks has bite-sized episodes for you to learn about how to make the most of the tech that is at your fingertips. Also available on most podcast platforms.