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WOTR For Business

The WOTR For Business programme is different…

I’m pleased to say this because there are a lot of great business courses and programmes, right?
At WOTR, I’m doing things differently by keeping the focus on the digital aspect of running a business. I’ll help you get more comfortable with online tools and apps that assist with business.
As a digital consultant, I have millions of testing hours (well, a little less than that, maybe!) and have knowledge of the tech space.
So, what I want to do is help get your mind around to thinking with a digital focus when it comes to your business. Hopefully, we can have a laugh at the same time! 🙂

Vernette John-Joiles
Programme Facilitator

Programme Sneak Peek

The Exciting Bits About The Programme!

Let’s get our digital focus!

    Over the 12 weeks, you will have access to:

  • Live Tech Tutorials
  • Weekly recommended articles about online developments
  • Q&A sessions – both one-to-one and as a group
  • Access to a private WOTR group for networking and motivation
  • Faith-based learning points to help keep the soul right!

The best part about this programme is because it will be delivered using online tools, there will be plenty of opportunities to catch up if you are unable to participate in some sessions. But, I do advise that you treat this the same as any other course or programme that you sign up for. You will get out of it what you put in!

Eligibility Criteria and Programme Requirements

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be a woman who is a born again believer and follower of Jesus Christ. A Christian basically.
  • You must be registered as self-employed with HMRC. This is a requirement I set out so that we are not wasting each other’s time. I don’t need to see any documentation – I’ll trust that you have everything in order in this regard.

Programme Housekeeping

  • No refunds will be available once you have registered and paid for your space and accessed the programme content.
  • Any person whose conduct is considered to be outside of the spirit of the WOTR For Business Programme and associated networks will be issued 3 warnings, before being subsequently removed from the programme.
  • Part of the programme involves using an app for online networking, connection building and sharing ideas. All persons are asked to observe the rules that will be set around business promotion and selling. Forwarding of non-business related content will not be permitted.
  • There must be no attempts to copy, duplicate or forward programme content without permission. Content can be copied to external platforms for your personal use after the programme has been completed.
  • The WOTR For Business Programme content remains the intellectual property of Women On The Rise.

Perhaps you’re not looking to run a business…

Hey, that’s ok too. Not everybody has to have ideas about running a business.
But, if you did want to learn more about how to use digital tools for everyday life, you should have a look at some of the workshops from the Digital School.

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